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bold brand + web design

for female entrepreneurs


You’ve been in business for a while but you feel a bit of a disconnect to your brand.

Something’s just not quite hitting it!

You’ve got the biz side of things ticking over nicely, but your brand design is just lacking a little POW!

Your brand needs to be a magical combination of your unique personality, powers, and quirks, that when mixed together, help to attract the dreamiest of customers.


The best way to create a strong, memorable brand design, is to mould it around your most unique offering . . . you!



embrace your weird

it’s one of your best assets


You don’t want to appeal to everyone, so stand up and let those beautiful kinks of yours shine.

Nobody is ordinary, we’ve all got our quirks, we all have our individual way of doing things, so your biz should emphasise that fact.

We’re drawn to peoples differences.  

I want to help make you + your biz stand out, so you’ll be noticed for your unique way of doing things.


my passion is helping you

create your dream brand


I assist female, creative entrepreneurs discover their deep-rooted, authentic brand identities.


design that’s unapologetically you