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Getting your business a beautiful website is on your to-do list, but you’re aware of the cost + the lengthy process.

You’re confident in your business skills, (+ so you should be) your biz is what you do best, but when it comes to design you feel way too far from your comfort zone.

You want your brand to look its best, but don’t have a massive budget for a custom web design.


one day or day one, your decision.



step 1

choose your template

There are two templates to choose from depending on your needs.

A one-page website or a multi page site with a blog


step 2

book in + schedule your build day


Once you’ve decided on which base site is right for your business, get in touch so we can get you booked in.  We will look through our schedules + find a day (minimum 2 weeks in advance) that suits us both for your build day.

This will be the day your site comes together, so you need to be available for the day so we can be in contact should we need to discuss anything to do with the site.

Once your contract is signed and the first payment is made, a content collection form will be sent to you + instructions for your homework. 

step 3

content creation + inspiration board


As your site will be pieced together in a single day, everything that you would like to be included needs to be available + ready in advance.

A content collection form for your site design will be sent to you at the beginning of the project, you will need to get your head down and create the copy for your site. Please bear in mind, that this does take time, so try not to put it off until last minute.

Content required before build day:

Your logo

Hex colour codes

Images that you would like included

Social media links

Copy (text) for each section/page of the site

Contact details

Newsletter provider details (e.g MailChimp)


You will also be required to create a Pinterest board featuring images that represent the way you want your business to feel, the vibe that you want to create. 

Hosting + a domain name will need to be purchased separately.

I will provide guidelines on how to go about these tasks. 

step 4

sourcing images


Once you have completed your inspiration board, I can get to work finding stock images that will help bring your site to life. 

The inspiration board that you create will help guide me in finding the correct images that will suit the face of your brand, and the vibe you’re creating for your customers.  

step 5

your build day


The day of your build has arrived….ahh how exciting!!!!

Before any work starts, the final payment needs to be cleared, so this should be done the day before at the latest.

Once your payment has cleared, I will get started on your site design. Keeping you posted throughout the process, + asking for your opinion on images, and placement if required.

At the end of the day, we will run through it together, providing you with the knowledge to go forward with your brand new site.

step 6



Woohoo!!!! Congrats, you’ve got your biz online!

Have a dance party + share it with the world.


customised to your brand look + feel



template design

customised to your brand


Colour + imagery completely transform the way a site looks.

Your site will take the template as a jumping off point regarding the layout, but when your brand colours, logo + photography is added, the site will transform into something that is unique to your business.

Although I use a template if I feel a different placement of an element would work better for the overall feel of the site design then I will tweak things to suit.

Just because you are having a template site, doesn’t mean it will look like the other sites using that template.

I want you to have a site that you (+ your clients)  are in love with! 


one-page wonder


ZEST is the one-page site that would be perfect for any service-based or small business.

Includes the following sections:





View the template demos below.

Demo 1 is a fun service based business + demo 2 is a small bistro


multi-page beauty


INSPIRE is a multi-page site that can share your message beautifully.  Individual pages, perfect if you have a larger amount of content for your site, or you’d prefer the design set out more like a traditional website.

INSPIRE also includes the ability to add posts to your site, so if blogging for your business is something that you would like to incorporate this would be the option for you.

Includes the following pages:






View the template demos below.

Demo 1 has a simple elegance feeling to their business + demo 2 is a gym

is your biz the right fit?

if you’re service based, then yep, defo!


I’ve created this service for those who are on a tighter budget or are needing to get a site up quickly.

This is an awesome choice for most service-based businesses, or even an online base to showcase your bistro or gym. 

you don’t have a logo

no worries, I can help with that


Brand design is my thing!

If you don’t currently have a brand identity, or you would like to change your current design, let me know before booking in + we can discuss available options. 



yes! I want in

what happens next?


Awesome….ahhh I’m so excited to get to work with you!

If you’re ready to book in, drop me a message below + we can schedule a complimenterary consult call. 

15 + 2 =

design that’s unapologetically you

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