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I’m super excited to discuss working on this mini brand design with you. You’ll find below details on the design project + how I work.

Please make sure you read through the entire page carefully, to ensure you’re happy with my process, and that it works for you. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message, and I’ll get back to you asap.

If it all looks good to you, + you’re ready to book a call, just follow the steps at the end of this page.


office hours

monday-thursday 9am-4pm GMT


During your project we will primarily use ClickUp to communicate, this project management tool helps to keep everything related, in an easy to find area.

I try to respond to all client communication regarding current projects on the same day (during office hours).

If you’d like to schedule a call during the project, that’s not a problem, you will be provided with a link to book an appointment (min 24 hours in advance). Scheduling calls allows me to work uninterrupted + to stay focused on your project. 

simple site design

what’s included


A bespoke text based logo, designed with you + your dream customers in mind. Pick from several different designs that best represent your brand vibe.

Plus a stunning, functional, one-page website, designed to sell your products or services. The website will be built using WordPress, + the Divi theme, which will enable you to make updates easily… which is essential right?!

You will receive a primary + secondary logo, plus a letter based icon.

The web design + development doesn’t include any premium fonts, images or plugins, so if you’re wanting to incorporate any of those, you will need to purchase them before the project begins. Please note, I take on the design and development of the website, this does not include SEO, or copywriting.

We will have a video call at the start of the project to get clear on your vision, and make sure we’re both on the same page. As we progress through the design process, we will have video check ins, every week to, to discuss feedback and share ideas. I have found that these calls are the best way to get gut reactions and thoughts regarding the design, and make the process a whole lot smoother, also there are no surprises when the site’s handed over… you will be involved every step of the way.


what I need from you


If we decide to work together, there are several things that will be needed from you to help the project progress smoothly.

+ Completed brand questionnaire, so I can get to know your business

+ A collection of images that shows the vibe of your brand (I will provide a tutorial on how to go about this)

+ Timely feedback on design work, ideally within a couple of days

+ Your honest views. This is crucial to coming away with a design that you love, if something is not working for you, tell me, then I can tweak things, even if it seems trivial, let me know your gut feelings, throughout the process.

+ Website content. This needs to be received, as soon as possible after the contract has been signed. This includes, all images, website text, files etc. You will be provided with a content collection form where it can be submitted. Please bear in mind, getting together content for your website can be time consuming. All content should be received by week 2 of the project at the latest, so when the website design starts it is at hand, and can be used strategically throughout the site.

+ If you’re wanting to include images of yourself throughout the site, I highly recommend booking in professional photo shoot. This should be done as soon as possible so you can use them on your site.

+ Site hosting is not provided, so will need to be purchased separately, I use and recommend Siteground.

+ Domain name purchased. If you haven’t done this yet it can also be purchased through Siteground.


*Please note: the links above are affiliate links, meaning if you decide to purchase through them, at no extra cost to you I receive a small commission.  I only ever promote services I use and love.

process + timeline

estimate 3-4 weeks


The overall process varies with each + every project, but this timeline shows the major points in the project, + will hopefully keep everything on track.


booking In

  • CLIENT pay deposit
  • BOTH have a consultation call
  • CLIENT complete questionnaire
  • CLIENT collect images for inspiration board
  • CLIENT schedule professional photo shoot if required
  • CLIENT start collecting content for the site
  • CLIENT purchase hosting + domain

week 1

  • CLIENT Homework returned
  • DESIGNER 3 text based logos created
  • CLIENT Feedback on preferred design
  • DESIGNER Brand elements created

week 2

  • CLIENT Website content due
  • DESIGNER Creates one page site
  • CLIENT Feedback on site design
  • DESIGNER Amendments made

week 3

  • DESIGNER Mobile configuration
  • CLIENT Signs of site
  • BOTH Site walk through
  • CLIENT Remainder of invoice paid
  • DESIGNER Site moved to hosting
  • CLIENT Site goes live… CELEBRATE!!!

how payment works

payment schedule

Below is the payment schedule for the project.

If this setup could prove difficult for you, please let me know before booking in, so we can discuss alternate options.

50% on booking in / 50% before site moves to hosting provider

what’s next?

are you ready to book in


Thanks for taking the time to read the guide. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message at + I will get back to you ASAP.

Everything look good? Let’s schedule a discovery call, so we can discuss your design needs. Click below to book in.

I’m excited to hear all about your project!

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