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Whether you’ve had some struggles with something going wrong in the past, or you don’t want the extra hassle of keeping your site updated + secure, I would love to help!

The monthly maintenance plan gives you a little added assurance that your site is healthy + working well. 

maintenance plan

what’s included


Each week I will pop into your site, to run a few background checks.

Updating plugins + themes on a regular basis is essential for a happy site.  On occasion things do go wrong.  This plan gives you assurance that if something did go down, there would be someone on the case, + you wouldn’t have to figure it out on your own.

Weekly backups, ensure that you have the most recent versions of your site stored safely, in case of errors or site hackers.  With recent backups stored in several places, we should be able to restore things back to normal relatively quickly.

As your business grows, your services evolve, the way you phrase your messaging, the content you provide your audience with. The maintenance plan, gives you the extra business resource of having a web designer on hand to help with any tweaks you may have.

your investment

£150 per month

Lucie built a fantastic website for my business.

She is so easy to work with and comes up with the best solutions. After the site was built I then went on to her maintenance programme where Lucie looks after the day to day behind the scenes stuff.

I am so glad to have Lucie maintaining my site because it frees up my days to do what I love. I feel secure knowing that if anything goes wrong that it’s dealt with immediately. Can’t recommend Lucie highly enough.

Debbie / Coaching By Debbie

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