The Pro Guide to creating a mood board for your brand
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Can you visualise your brand vibe?  

If not I have an awesome exercise for you which will help you get so crystal clear on exactly how you want your brand to feel.  I’m going to show you how to create a mood board for your business. This is so helpful for guiding you through the visual elements of creating your brand, but it can also help determine the voice you use + the the customers you attract.

Before any design gets underway, one of the first exercises I ask clients take on is to make an inspiration board.  This is such an important stage + makes sure that both of us have a clear + more importantly, the same, vision for the brand.  It’s not easy trying to read minds, so this tool is super helpful on getting your ideas across.

Maybe your designer’s asked you to put together an inspiration board, but you’re not really sure what to include, you can use the following guide to go through the process.

Even if you’re the one doing the designing, it is still an excellent exercise to go through.  You will gain so much clarity on your vision, + vibe for your business. 

So how do you go about it?

The first step is getting clear on your brand words, check out this post on coming up with your own brand words if you’re unsure.

When you have these 3-5 descriptive words, it already gives you a good feel for the vibe of the business, but the next step will really give you that extra bit of OOMPH! 

Hop on over to Pinterest + create a secret board, call it Brand Inspiration, this is where you’ll be adding your saved images.

Take your first brand word + pop it into the search box in Pinterest, now go through the wall of images, picking + saving images to your brand inspiration board.  Now the secret to this is, to be really fluid with it, don’t think about it too much.

You want to pick images that you’re instantly drawn to, they don’t need to be related to your business, in fact it’s better if they’re not.  You want to feel a pull, a calling to the images. It should be quite a quick process.

Keep saving images that you feel an instant connection with.  

There are a few rules to bear in mind with this:



  • Don’t save images like infographics
  • Don’t save images that are clearly blog post images with a lot of text
  • Don’t save images that are full of steps on an activity i.e recipe or exercise routine


  • Save as many as you can, the more the better!
  • Search off Pinterest… if you can’t see any more head over to Google + do an image search, then save them to your Pinterest board directly
  • Include things like patterns, photos, illustrations, quotes, buildings… anything you feel a connection to!

When you can’t find any more, add your next brand word into the search box, + go through the process again.

Now, you will probably find, that some of your chosen words don’t bring up much of a choice of images.  That’s ok, + perfectly normal. Have a think of some alternatives, that are closely related. Use for ideas too.

Once you’ve gone through the process with all the words you should hopefully have a minimum of about 10-15 images.

When you look over your collection, you should feel quite a strong connection + possibly even a clear colour palette or theme running through them.

If when you look at your final set of images, + you don’t feel a strong connection, it may be worth going through the process again.

That’s it!



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