Building a strong base for your brand

Your brand foundations are what everything in your business – including design, is built upon. ⁠⠀

Like the foundations of your house, they provide stability and structure. ⠀

Quite often in business, and especially when we’re just starting out we skip over these fundamental elements, and just dive straight into the offers or products.⁠⠀

I know that was definitely true with me!  ⁠⠀
This can leave you and your brand confused and incohesive. ⁠⠀
But it’s never too late to get clear on these foundations, and it’s actually something that’s good practice to revisit every so often, our big vision and mission may evolve overtime, so it a good idea to go over this exercise at the beginning of each year, or if you ever start to feel somethings not sitting right.⁠⠀
brand foundations
I have questionaires that I use with all my clients that go deep into your brand foundations.

  • your deeper why to your business
  • your big vision
  • your values
  • your mission
  • really get to know your ideal client
  • your brand personality + voice
Getting super clear on all of these really sets your business up for success and makes marketing to your dream client a whole lot easier!

Bonus right!?

This process can give you incredible clarity, help yo u move forward + open your eyes to new ideas.

This process has been a gamechanger for me, + I know that it can be for you too!

ONLY £28

If you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed in where to take your business, or you’re just needing a bit of guidance on finding your ideal client, this will help you get unstuck and bring you clarity and focus.

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