get a designers eye on your brand

When we’re starting out in business we are wearing all the hats!  Marketing, accounting, copywriting, designing – everything!

And whilst it can be essential in the beginning, that doesn’t make it easy.

Believe me I know!  I’m still trying to figure out many areas of business that really aren’t my strong point.

Designing for your business can be hard – even as a designer, designing for yourself can be a tricky beast!  And if it’s something you’re really not comfortable with it may knock your confidence.

I want to help you move forward, knowing that you’ve got a well designed brand.

Giving you the confidence to put yourself out there!

You can now book in for a brand audit – going over all your design assets.

  • logo design
  • colour palette
  • web design
  • social media

You will receive a personalised video giving feedback and tips on how you’re presenting your business online.

You also receive a complientary 1:1 call, to discuss how you can move forward and if you’d like further design advice.


Book Your Brand Audit

For a limited time I’m offering this at the crazy low price of £27 – book now to reserve your spot!

Spaces are limited

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