The Pro Guide to creating a mood board for your brand
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Before jumping into building a website or hiring someone to do it for you, there are a few areas you need to get nailed down before hand.  I know, you’re super excited, and you just want to get yourself out there, but making sure these areas are covered will make the whole process a whole lot easier, and save a huge amount of time in the long run.

So ask yourself these 3 brand questions before you get started, so you’re really clear on the who, what and why of your business.

What are you offering?

I know this may sound obvious, but hear me out.  

Are you super clear on what you’re offering? Or do you have so many different things there’s no way you could be known for just one?!

I totally get it!  You have so many ideas, and skills in different areas, you should offer them all, right? Because what if someone comes along and needs a service that you can quite easily do, and it’s not listed?  Surely that’d be crazy to leave it out?

OK, it may sound crazy, but just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should

I can do plenty of stuff… I can write blog posts, I can setup my newsletter, I can set up an Instagram scheduler,… but does that mean I should be offering it as as service? No of course not!

You need to streamline your services so they are so clear, that you become known for that area, you become an expert.  And it doesn’t make your potential customers head spin, with the lists of options that you’re offering.

Ideally you should be offering 2-3 services max, and they should all be focused around a theme, so as not to confuse your audience.

So, what is the main service you offer? 

Then ask yourself…

Who is this service for?

Yep, the next step before you go anywhere near starting a web design project, is getting super clear on who you are offering your service to.

I know you’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but this statement is so true –

If you’re trying to appeal to everybody, you’ll appeal to nobody.

We need to get clear on who we are attracting, so when they find us, it is super clear that they have reached the right place.

So ask yourself – Who am I offering this to?  Who is my ideal customer? And…

What problem do you  solve?

So you know who you’re offering your service to, and you’ve refined exactly which services you are offering… but why?  

Why do they need your help?  What problem are you solving for them?

This question will help you to get really clear on how you can get your message across to your audience, and make it super clear,( if it wasn’t already confirmed), that you know the area that they’re struggling with, and your services can help them get past it.

Once you’ve got clear on all of the above areas, you can begin to craft your message.  Use the sentence below as a guide.

I help _______ (who you’re attracting) ____________(solve this problem) by_______ (what you offer)


This exercise will take a little while, but it will really help you get super clear on who exactly you’re attracting, and how you can help them, so when you come to your web design project you will know which message that you’re wanting to get across, which in turn will help to create a more streamlined experience for your audience. 


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