7 podcasts for creative female entrepreneurs

2017 has been a year of firsts for me.

I passed my driving test, I managed to squeeze it in before I turned 35, bonus!

I started this awesome design business…eeeek!!!   Best decision ever!!

….and I started a very healthy and I’m pretty sure a lifelong love, of self-discovery.

Through podcasts and books (stay tuned) the way I am now looking at my life and business has been completely upturned, for the better.

Beforehand I was trudging through, not really knowing where I should be going, feeling completely alone because I don’t have anyone close to me who is trying to create an online creative business.

So I just thought I was rubbish at it….maybe it wasn’t what I was meant to be doing.  Maybe my continual failings were a sign.

Theeeen I discovered podcasts…..and my little world opened up!

I came across a blog post similar to this one, with a list of podcasts for female entrepreneurs.  I think I tried listening to a few of them with little to no effect, none of them really resonated with me.

I’m so pleased I stuck with it though, because then I discovered Raise Your Hand Say Yes..and my life changed!

I binged on Tiffany’s recordings.

Which in turn led me to discover more creatives.

Now, whenever I walk the dog, do the washing up, put away laundry…I have the voices of inspiring dreamers and doers, right in my ears, cheering me on, and encouraging me to take the next step.

So, here my friend, are my top podcasts for creative female entrepreneurs.

7 Podcasts For Creative Female Entrepreneurs

Raise Your Hand Say Yes

Tiffany Han is the bomb!

This is the woman who got me hooked onto podcasts in the first place.  A coach and business strategist for creative women, Tiffany’s no bullshit attitude is refreshing and encouraging.

She doesn’t sugar coat or supply you with a magic method for instant success…because we all know that just doesn’t exist.  She tells it exactly how it is….the brutal, and far from insta-ready truth.

The podcast is chock full of interviews with inspiring creatives, from an assortment of different industries.

I continue to binge on the back catalogue of episodes, so plenty to get your teeth (ears?) into.

Creative Pep Talk

Presented by Andy J. Miller (AKA Andy J Pizza), he’s an awesome colourful illustrator and speaker with a huge passion for helping other creatives on their journey.

One of my most recent discoveries, I first heard Andy on Raise Your Hand Say Yes, and immediately resonated with his enthusiasm.

If you’re on the creative path, whether it’s for your business or personal discovery, this podcast is brimming with inspiring, thoughtful and butt-kicking advice.

The Business Life and Joy Podcast

Shunta Grant is a lawyer turned hairbow creator, who is behind this thought-provoking podcast.

She has created two successful businesses,  in a relatively short period of time, and so knows how to make a business work.

Every time I listen to an episode I come away with such clarity about which next step I should take regarding my entrepreneurial journey.

Well worth a listen.

The Real Female Entrepreneur

Another newish discovery,  I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the back catalogue, as there are loads, and I just know it’s going to be full of awesome interviews, so I’m including it here too.

Lauren Frontiera is the female force behind the podcast.  Celebrating the very real and often very messy,  journeys of women creating their dream lives.

Explore Your Enthusiasm

Tara Swiger helps creatives and artists build sustainable, lovable businesses.

Tara started off selling handcrafted yarn, so has a background in running a creative business herself.

Her weekly podcast shares interviews with creatives, and offers insight into habits, and the foundations we should be building our businesses upon….its chock full of awesome!

She Means Business

Carrie Green is the founder of The Female Entrepreneur Association.  She has created an amazing community of women forging their dream lives through building businesses on their own terms.

In the podcast, Carrie interviews women who have successfully figured out their own path and offers insight into creating the mindset required to keep on going until you succeed.

How To Be Remarkable

Tiffany Han, is back in this podcast, this time joined by her in-house designer and biz partner Erin Cassidy.

This weekly dose of chat from these two besties is such fun!  Guiding you through design,  branding and marketing tips, including the do’s and definitely don’ts.

They include weekly challenges, and brands they are currently crushing on.

Love it!


I urge you to give some of these a try, they may not all be your cup of tea, but you may find your new love.

I’m always looking for new cheerleaders for my ear buds, do you have any must-have podcasts?

I’d love to hear about them, share in the comments.


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