3 tips for creating a brand mood board

A mood board does exactly as it states…it sets the mood, it evokes a feeling. Before a visual branding project, as a designer, I would ask a client to collect images that they feel represent their brand, once collected I would bring a selection of the images together to create their brand mood board. If you are planning on creating your own logo or web design, it is a good idea for you to do the same exercise.  It is, in my opinion, the best way to create an authentic, brand identity that really resonates with you, and your potential customers. Picking out a bunch of your favourite colours just doesn’t work. So here are my 3 tips on creating an effective branding mood board.


Tip #1 – Use Pinterest

Pinterest is an awesome visual reference, it’s a ready-made pinboard, ripe for picking your perfect brand images. You will definitely come across images you may not have found if you were just googling your brand words…. …which is a nice segway to…


Tip #2 – Search your brand words

Your brand words are so important….if you don’t know what yours are, then you should stop, follow this exercise firstto discover them before you go any further in your brand design journey. Ok, you’re back, awesome! So yeah, your brand words, these little descriptive words are so handy when collecting your images. If you’ve been scrolling Pinterest and you’re just not getting anything popping by that really jumps out at you, then it’s time to use one of your brand words. In the search box in Pinterest, enter one of your words.  You should start to see images that resonate with you more. Now, some words work better than others, but I’m pretty sure that at least one of your brand words will lead you to some images that you are instantly drawn to. For example one of my words is bold, this word was chock full of awesome images that I pinned,….. unlike resourceful, which just didn’t have any visual references that inspired me.


Tip #3 – Don’t think, just pin

This, I think is quite important.  You have to try and collect your images without thinking too much about it. It needs to be fluid.  This way you will find much more of a natural connection between the images that you choose. It won’t be forced, and it will be truly you…which of course is what you want in your business, a brand that feels completely authentic to you. Another little point with this is to not collect images that are directly related to your brand or business, as these aren’t going to truly reflect your personality, you could maybe include one or two if everything about the image really jumps out and inspires you.

mood board inspiration

You can’t really collect too many images, but I would try and gather at least 20, to get a really good feel for your brand mood board. As you can see from my mood board above, I was drawn to bold colours and pops of black and white. I was actually a little shocked when I found so much yellow in my images, as I have never considered it to be a colour that I was drawn to.


So, there you go. I hope you’ve found this useful. Do you have any tips on collecting images for a mood board?  If so, leave a comment and share your ideas, I would love to hear them!


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