brand styling and WordPress website design for businesses with passion and purpose.

Thoughtful + strategic design can help to take your business to a whole new level.

I help coaches, creatives + services providers, reconnect, realign + refresh their businesses, creating a deeper connection to the brands they pour their hearts into.

Your brand design should be a magical mix of who you + your business is at the core.

The vibe, the voice, the message all rolled into one cohesive look + feel.

Your brand design is often the first interaction a potential client has with your business.  You need to make sure they know you’re a professional from their very first encounter.  If you’re feeling a disconnect to your brand visuals, then you can bet your dream clients feel it too.

We are always evolving…

and our brands are too!  You may have started your business a few years ago, possibly gone down the DIY route + what once was a perfect fit for you + your business, now feels distant.

You may even feel embarrassed sending potential clients to your website, because there’s such a disconnect. It doesn’t represent where you + your business are now.  It doesn’t align with the premium service you offer.

Why hire a designer?

Designing for your business isn’t the easiest of tasks, even if you’re a natural creative.   Even harder if you’re not comfortable with design in the first place.

Having a designer help you bring your vision to life, takes the pressure off, so you can get back to doing the work you love.

It’s a journey we go on together, to find something feels right for you, and helps to attract the people who you love to work with.

Hey, I’m Lucie,

your creative sidekick, brand stylist + WordPress web designer! 

I specialise in branding + WordPress website design for coaches, creatives + sevice providers.

Taking you through the design process, so you can reconnect + realign with your vision, values + audience.

I work with womxn who are following their hearts, pursuing their dreams + creating businesses which are aligned to their passions.  Those who are brave, bold + dare to show up as their authentic selves + want their brand design to do the same. 


“the moment I teamed up with Lucie, I felt at ease and finally excited about this business I was trying to get off the ground! She made the process simple, outlined a plan to get from concept to launch, and created a beautiful website for me that I was so excited to put out into the world.”


Meredith Hauck Life Coach

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